Saturday, July 12, 2008

Roll-a-bout for Broken Leg

An alternative to crutches for a broken leg. It makes it a little easier to work with the horses.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


This is our wonderful palomino pinto / appaloosa pony, Tonka, approximately 8 years old, around 11 hands; stocky, good conformation. He is a lead-line pony, who worked on a wheel / sweep for a while, and also did birthday parties.

He can be ridden with saddle or bareback. We are not sure if he was ever trained to ride with a rider with no ground person as a leader.

He has never shown any desire to bite, or kick.

Riding on the pony. He has been a lead-line pony and we don't know if he was ever ridden without being lead. It seems like he's not sure if he should move unless he's lead by a ground person, so we're having him target the ball, as he did without a rider, only this time he has a passive rider on him.