Friday, May 09, 2008

DNA Samples Needed for Rare Breeds

Equus Survival Trust Action Alert
February, 2008


The Equus Survival Trust is conducting a census and
requesting DNA hair samples for horses and ponies not
already on record with hair samples at Texas A&M.

The immediate purpose is to supplement and update Dr.
Cothran's data in order to incorporate meaningful data into his research. For
those of you not familiar with Dr. Cothran, he is a noted equine geneticist at
Texas A&M University formerly of the University of KY. He specializes in
endangered breeds and he is also part of the global team working on
mapping the genome of the horse.

The collective data will become part of Dr. Cothran's lecture, "Equine
Breeding Strategies for Small Gene Pools". The lecture is open to the pubic
and scheduled for Saturday evening September 6th during the Equus
Survival Trust's Festivale of Endangered Equines at the Kentucky Horse Park,
Lexington, KY.

We are looking for hair samples from the following breeds:

Canadian Horse,
Cleveland Bay,

There is no charge for samples received prior to June 1st.

Hair samples should be sent to Dr. Cothran utilizing the instructions & form
links provided on the menu beneath Genetic Study. Those who gave samples
to KY or that only have blood on file are requested to submit again.

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to get your horse's
DNA on file free of charge and contribute to the conservation of your breed.

Please help by sending all the samples you can and by nudging your fellow
breeders to do the same.

Additional questions can be directed to:

Victoria Tollman
Executive Director
Equus Survival Trust

Further info:

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Millie Mule and the Rock Slide

This is a Parelli Natural Horsemanship exercise, the rock slide, done by a mule owner in the UK:

Monday, May 05, 2008

Talking Horse

Jan Youren, 65 YO Rough Stock Rider

Jan "Granny" Youren celebrated the start of her 50th year of rodeo competition by winning the bareback bronc riding event Saturday at the sixth annual Pat Hughes Sierra Stampede Women's Professional Rodeo.

Youren, her daughter and two granddaughters dominated the bareback bronc competition. Her daughter Tonya Stevenson, took second place, while granddaughter Tavia Stevenson took third place and granddaughter Tasha Stevenson came in fourth.

An Interview with Jan Youren, after her last bareback ride: