Monday, May 05, 2008

Jan Youren, 65 YO Rough Stock Rider

Jan "Granny" Youren celebrated the start of her 50th year of rodeo competition by winning the bareback bronc riding event Saturday at the sixth annual Pat Hughes Sierra Stampede Women's Professional Rodeo.

Youren, her daughter and two granddaughters dominated the bareback bronc competition. Her daughter Tonya Stevenson, took second place, while granddaughter Tavia Stevenson took third place and granddaughter Tasha Stevenson came in fourth.

An Interview with Jan Youren, after her last bareback ride:

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  1. I admire this women.. She is the example of not only a great rider but a great female model, who has exceeds the expectation of many men's view of what a women was meant to be, Barefoot,Pregnant and in the kitchen, ruled by the hand of a man. In a man's world she has concord-ed the world itself. She should be placed out there in our children's books alone side of Emilia Earhart and many other women who have conquered the world of men. Before today I did not know she existed. Not being a real rodeo fan, I was ignorant to her existence, but as of today she has made my list of lady heroes and will tell the world around me about her. Thank you Granny Youren, I really appreciate your life and wonderful example of a women.