Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rhythm of the Ride

The Rhythm of the Ride
by Mary Ann Kennedy

New! Grammy nominated hit songwriter from Nashville, TN., Mary Ann Kennedy, creates music that celebrates the horse.

A level 3 Parelli natural horsemanship student herself, Mary Ann seems to express what we all feel in our hearts for our beloved horses and the life we all live with them.

Through melody, rhythm and humor in song, this is music that we horse lovers can listen and ride to. Along with her two former cds, "The Trail Less Traveled" & "Hoofbeats, Heartbeats & Wings", "The Rhythm of the Ride" is indeed OUR music.

Music from the heart about horses and the animals we love. There's none other like it.

A must for every horse lover . . . RIDE to it . . . LISTEN to it . . . SING along . . . this is YOUR Music!

"I hope with all my heart that you (and your horses) feel the intention and love that went into this music. I hope you are inspired to laugh, shed a tender tear, ride, and dance with your horses to this new collection of songs that celebrate them."

Preview the songs at the link below.

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