Saturday, May 09, 2009

Hay Feeders

In a previous blog post, Horse Eating Slower, a feeder was shown to help a horse eat slower.

Another option is a hay net: BusyHorse Hay Net

Directions for making the Cataloochee Free Choice Pasture Hay Feeder

Here's an innovation: Pasture Pal Feeder

Homemade Feeder:

Nose-It Feeder Toy:

Soaking Hay with Slow Down® Hay Feeder Soaker


  1. Thanks for the collection of videos from YouTube. There certainly are plenty of options out there.

    You may find this Hay Steamers website of interest. Though it was of relevance to your blog.

    Keep the articles coming!

  2. You might find this other HAY Steamer website of interest also. These are the original hay steamers, that have received awards.

  3. We have 2 Control Feeders and are very happy with them. You can feed grain and hay in them and they have and adjustable opening for the horses to eat through.They are easy to load and the horses like playing with the disk. Great stall toy. Give them a look at